Where is The Swingset Guy located?

The Swingset Guy is located in Indianapolis, Indiana; Lafayette, Indiana; Normal, Illinois; and Wixom, Michigan.

What is the coverage area for The Swingset Guy?

The Swingset Guy services all customers within a 50 mile radius of its home office.

Does The Swingset Guy provide installation services outside of their 50 mile coverage area?

We do offer our full package (swing set, delivery, installation & leveling) for customers outside of our coverage area that may include an additional mileage fee that would be clearly communicated in the quote provided. Unfortunately, we do not offer installation only quotes for those outside of our coverage area. 

Does The Swingset Guy sell swing sets?

Yes! We have handpicked a variety of premium swing sets, ideal for a safe and fun playtime. Included with the price of our swing sets is delivery, installation and leveling.

I already have a swing set, can The Swingset Guy install it?

Yes! Contact us to receive a quote and schedule an installation. Be sure to leave a link or picture of the swing set you own.

Does The Swingset Guy build custom designed swing sets?

The Swingset Guy specializes in professional swing set installation. We do not offer custom designed swing sets, however, you can shop from our handpicked collection of swing sets. For one price you receive the swing set with delivery, leveling and installation.

I filled out a form online. When should I hear back and receive a written quote?

All submitted forms received by our Quote Team are processed and returned to the customer within one business day.

Is the installation team from The Swingset Guy?

All Swingset Guy installers are trained and solely install for The Swingset Guy.  NO third party installers are hired throughout the process.

Do The Swingset Guy play sets come with a warranty?

The Swingset Guy informs all customers of both the manufacturer warranty and The Swingset Guy’s workmanship warranty.

What is a typical manufacturer warranty?

All swing sets provided by The Swingset Guy come with a manufacturer warranting that the product is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. The warranty covers all parts including wood, hardware, and all accessories such as swings & slides.

What forms of payment does The Swingset Guy accept?

No payment is due until the project has been 100% completed and inspected by you the homeowner.  The Swingset Guy accepts Cash, Venmo, Cash App, check, Apple Pay or credit card. 

How long will it take to install my swing set?

Most swing sets will be installed in one day by one of our installation teams. 

Does The Swingset Guy level the play area?

When we mention that The Swingset Guy offers leveling, we are referring to the actual swing set itself. Since we understand that not every yard is totally level, we want to reassure our customers that we provide the expertise and knowledge needed to construct the base of the swing set to fit the contour of the yard so that each swing set is level, secured to the ground, safe, and aesthetically pleasing.

Do residential customers have their swing set installed on grass?

Although providing loose material as ground cover such as playground mulch, rubber mulch, or pea gravel is a safer alternative to grass, currently, 9 out of 10 of our residential customers  choose to have their swing sets installed in their backyard on grass.

Does The Swingset Guy offer to build play areas for their customers?

Unfortunately we do not offer that service.  It is recommended that customers desiring a prebuilt play area contact their local landscaper.

Should a play area be constructed before or after the swing set is installed?

Although it is preferred that the play area be built before the swing set installation begins, it can be constructed either before or after the swing set installation has been completed.

What are the maintenance recommendations for The Swingset Guy’s METAL swing sets?

All of the metal swing sets provided through The Swinset Guy are virtually maintenance free.

What are the maintenance recommendations for The Swingset Guy’s CEDAR swing sets?

The Swingset Guy recommends that you purchase and apply a clear, waterproof and UV protectant sealant from your local hardware store. Its purpose is to protect the color of the wood.  A yearly application will make a substantial difference in extending the life of the play structure with the local summer heat and Midwest winters.