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Boulder Bluff Playset
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The Boulder Bluff Playset by KidKraft provides another level of fun with two separate forts connected by the swaying motion of the clatter bridge. Included is a sink and stovetop BBQ as well as a picnic table with benches where kids can have a seat and rest, visit or snack. Watch your kids climb the rock wall ladder up to the next level and and then come back down again using the ladder in the front, the twisty tube slide, the straight racing slide, or the cool fireman’s pole. This unique design allows you to set up as one full set or two sets with with a separate swinging station that includes two belt swings and a trapeze swing for acrobatic moves.

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Two separate forts
2 belt swings & trapeze bar with rings
Stovetop with sink
Twist-n-Ride tube slide
Wavy straight slide
Fireman’s pole
Rock wall ladder with adjustable rocks
Separate standard ladder
Swaying clatter Bridge
Commercial grade swing hangers for adults and kids
Picnic table with two benches


Lumber is warranted for 10 years against structural failure due to rot and insect damage.
All other parts, such as hardware, swings, rides, accessories, and slides carry a one-year warranty.
Front Side View
Back Side View
Kitchen Sink and Grill
8 Foot Wave Slide
Connecting Bridge
Picnic Table With Benches
Roomy Tube Slide
Rock Wall
3 Position Swing
Clatter Bridge
Kitchen Set With Utensils

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