Children Playing on a Falcon Ridge Playset
Falcon Ridge Playset



Price Includes Delivery & Installation

Introducing the Falcon Ridge Swing Set from KidKraft – a playground paradise that doubles as the Eighth Wonder of the World for children. Designed to captivate and entertain, this swing set accommodates up to 13 energetic kids, providing endless joy in your backyard. Boasting three exhilarating slides, including two high-rail wave slides for side-by-side racing and a thrilling 12-foot Twist-n-Ride tube slide, the Falcon Ridge ensures non-stop excitement. The multi-colored rock wall leads to a spacious upper clubhouse, complete with a deluxe play kitchen, perfect for aspiring chefs. What sets this swing set apart? It's all-inclusive – with the Swingset Guy, the price covers both delivery and installation. Featuring a double-sided chalkboard, large café window, and moveable bench, the Falcon Ridge creates an immersive play experience. Crafted from premium wood with a child-friendly stain, its shiplap roof, decorative gables, and rounded arch windows add charm. Enjoy a true wonderland of fun in the comfort of your own yard, where playhouse meets swing set seamlessly.

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Premium Cedar Lumber
Extra Large Clubhouse
Tube Slide
Double Wave Slide
Storefront Window With Moveable Bench
Grill & Sink with Utensils
Upper and Lower Clubhouse
Two Swing & Two-person Gider
Rock-climbing wall
Shiplap Roofs
11 Decorative Rounded Arch Windows
Double-Sided Chalkboard
Clock With Moveable Hands
Child-Friendly, Water-Based Stain
Dimensions: 20’2”L x 11’5”W x 11’H


All wood carries a five (5) year warranty against rot, decay, and insect damage.
All other parts, such as hardware, swings, rides, accessories, and slides carry a one-year warranty only.
Front Side View
Back Side View
Extra Large Upper Clubhouse
Double Sided Chalkboard
Kitchen Setup With Utensils
Two Swings and Glider Swing
Rock Climbing Wall
Storefront With Moveable Bench
Moveable Clock

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