Multiple children playing and swinging on a wooden swing set
Ridgemoor Perch Swing Set
Includes Delivery & Installation
Discover endless adventures with The Swingset Guy's Ridgemoor Perch Swing Set! The imaginative play for kids is endless. Children can imagine scaling mountains, splashing down waterfalls, and soar like eagles in the sky with this wooden two-story fort playset. It features a lower-level door with a kitchen for imaginative play, and two slides for gleeful coasts to the ground. With three swing options, there's always room for friends. Don't miss the exclusive crow's nest at the highest point, aligning with the roof for added excitement. The durable Ridgemoor Perch Wood Swing Set turns your backyard into a site for days of adventure. Plus, it's all-inclusive with delivery and professional installation – a unique offer from The Swingset Guy!

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Two-Story Playhouse
Tube Slide
Role Play Kitchen With Accessories
Crow's Nest
Working Mailbox
Rock Wall Ladder
Premium Cedar Wood
Two Belt Swings and Trapeze Bar
Child-Friendly Water-Based Stain


All wood carries a five (5) year warranty against rot, decay, and insect damage.
All other parts, such as hardware, swings, rides, accessories, and slides carry a one-year warranty only.
Ridgemoor Perch Swing Set
Back Side View
Rock Wall
Kitchen Sink
Crow's Nest
Grill and Sink with Utensils

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