From purchase to playtime, the Swingset Guy has you covered.

Whether you are looking to purchase a swing set, or own one already, we are excited to work with you to make your swing set dreams come true. Check out our detailed process below.

2 men building a wooden playset in backyard

Step One

Choose the Perfect Swing Set

Browse our hand picked selection of premium swing sets. We have something for everyone, with high quality materials for safety and maximum playtime fun. For one price you can get a swing set with delivery, leveling and installation!

Already own a swing set? No problem! The Swingset Guy is happy to install your previously purchased swing set. Contact us to get a quote and schedule an installation today!

Step Two

Get Your Quote

Contact the Swingset Guy to receive a quote detailing the whole process: cost, scheduling, delivery, installation, and payment.

You will be matched with your Swingset Guy lead installer who will be your personal contact as your installation day approaches up until final inspection of the completed swing set.

Step Three

Delivery & Installation

Sit back, relax, and have the Swingset Guy deliver your new swing set to your front door. The Swingset Guy’s team of professional installers will assemble your swingset in less than a day.

Swing set, delivery, and installation for one price

Step four

Payment Process

The payment process is simple! It is executed once the swing set has been fully assembled and inspection by you, the homeowner, is complete.

Ready to Get Started?

We are eager to assist you in all your swing set needs! Contact us today to schedule a swing set installation.